Subject: Digital Photos
Hi all,

I want to note three things about the recent questions regarding digital photos.

First, even though digital cameras have evolved remarkably in a few short years, which has radically increased the typical file size/pictures, cost and, especially, size of digital media has improved. Right now, one can get one gigabyte compact flash cards for about $50-60 US. Two will hold the work of even the most intrepid photographer (like me) and cost less than auxiliary devices (though I probably will bring the IPOD I used last year.

If you do run out of room on your digital media, even moderate-sized cities in Europe have camera stores that will either burn your pictures to a CD (or better, a DVD, as it holds 5X the number of pictures) or refer you to a place that will. Remember that a compact flash card is only the size of a postage stamp. For those who are newcomers, like Paul, keep in mind that these are also virtually immune to problems that often affected film like airport X-rays (I would not go back to film for anything). I realize that not all cameras use the compact flash format and that some use formats that are inherently more limited, though prices for Sony memory sticks are about the same as for compact flash.

Finally, though battery capacity has also increased remarkably, get a second battery and bring along your charger. You should check to make sure that your charger is dual voltage, as nearly all are. If so, all you need is a European adapter tip for about $5-10.


Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas