Subject: Another Digital Camera Option
Hello Ziners,

There has been a lot of information on storing digital images on cards. My solution is a bit different.I recently purchased a new digital camera and didn't want the expense, clutter or possibility of loss of a series of cards. I purchased a 30 G Wolverine drive (about $200), expressly for the purpose of storing digital photos. It takes all cards, SD, CF, Sony,etc., downloads photos very quickly with just the push of a button, and is quite portable, approx. 3"x5" with it's own carrying case.

My routine on my most recent long trip of 6 weeks was to insert my card at the end of the day, transfer photos to my Woverine, return my card to my camera and erase all photos. This took about a minute and I was ready to go again. I took a 64MB card with me, but could easily have used a much smaller one as I only kept one day's worth of photos, edited first in the camera throughout the day as I shot them.

I've just returned home and have downloaded my images into my computer. So simple! Just connect the Woverine with the included cable. It sets up on the desktop as a separate drive which you open and transfer all or some images to a desktop folder, photo program, etc. Very quick. Very easy. And, my photos are still safely stored on the Woverine just in case or for archival storage. With 30MB, I could keep many, many trips on this drive. Of course,there are numerous files that one could easily carry on this drive. Music, printed info, scanned images, etc. The Woverine does not have a screen for photo editing on the fly. It just stores images. There are several other photo storage drives that have a fairly good sized screen so you can look at photos and edit them. This would be a great feature, but these drives cost twice as much and more than the Woverine which is why I chose to purchase the Woverine over other drives.Depending on your needs, you may decide that the extra expense is worth it.

My current task of editing would have been a bit easier if I had confidently edited as I went. So far, I'm quite happy with my choice and my decision to purchase a photo drive over a series of cards or to search for shops that can transfer photos, a quite difficult task in many of the countries that I visit. Happy travels to all! Judy Garber San Carlos, CA (between Ssan Francisco and Palo Alto)