Subject: Re: Paris Hotel

We spent Christmas in Paris with family. My husband found a very good deal via the internet at a Best Western on Rue de Rennes, right next to Rue Ste Placide, the premier outlet street in Paris terms. We learned that Best Western has been acquiring small hotels like crazy and now own about 42 if I recall correctly.

When I hear "Best Western" I do not immediately think of Paris. Well that has changed. We stayed at the Aramis Hotel on Rue de Rennes. Go to the Best Western site for specifics. Our room was tiny but typical Paris since it has been a well known small hotel for years. Despite the fact the our room was right on the Rue de Rennes, a very busy street, it was very quiet due to the double glass French windows. 124 rue de Rennes in the 6th arrondisement +33(0)45 48 03 75

The location is idea right in the middle of everything with a Metro right there. During our stay we noticed many other Best Western hotel so they have really invaded Paris yet kept it all French. You end up with American efficiency and French "je ne sais quoi" charm.

Pat Washington DC