Subject: Re: Ireland tips
Hi Lucy,

While in Galway (15 yrs ago) we ate at Paddy Burke's just outside of Galway -- a stone cottage with wonderful food. I do understand from people who have been to Galway within the last 2 yrs that it still terrific! The atmosphere was great too.

When in Donegal, we just went to the local pubs and learned some of the Irish dancing which was a treat for us. The people are marvelous and you're going to have a super time!!! We especially loved this rugged area - It's absolutely beautiful - in fact the whole of Ireland is!!!

While in Dublin, we had the opportunity to eat at Patrick Guibaud - before he earned is one Michelin Star... It was incredible - so you may want to treat yourself.

I hope this helps. Regards, Susie - Newton, MA