Subject: Re: Train trip - Florence to Lucerne

You can find train schedules for the trip from Firenze to Luzern on the Swiss Railway website at

Personally, I'm not a big fan of doing longer journeys by train (this trip will be around 7 hours 20 mins) but that's a matter of personal taste. However, your journey will be made easier if you travel light, which will make changing trains in Milan that bit easier.

Normally, theres a buffet car on the Milan/Lucerne leg of the trip and on the Swiss side they should have a trolley come through the train. That said, it's easy enough to pick up some sandwichs or such likes at Milano Centrale. Not sure what the facilities are like in Florence though.

That said, I do enjoy some "special" train journeys such as the Glacier Express - but that's somehow different as it's designed as a scenic route rather than a "routine" train journey.

Mark Sukhija, in London