Subject: To Italy with 23 month old and grandparents
Hi, Chuangs.

Venice is a unique city, so you understand even the simplest things can be difficult. Going around with a stroller requires both strength and patience: almost none of the bridges have a wheelchiair access and most steps are too high to push the stroller over them, so you need to lift it across the bridge. Also many alleys are very narrow and at peak hours or holidays walking is difficult if you don't follow the flow. Nevertheless a lot of people go there with small kids (including me in the past); you just need to be flexible and creative. A foldable stroller is the best, as few restaurants will be able to accomodate such a party. Some restaurant have baby seats, but don't expect them in small trattorias. In my experience service people are always doing their best to help parents with little kids, but kindness, smiling and reasonable requests are the keys to success. As for getting to the airport, I guess you need to catch the first ATVO bus out of Piazzale Roma at 5 am, so you're in for a very early wake-up call and you need to consider the walking time. Since the Piazzale Roma area isn't exactly the best in Venice, you may want to to find a hotel you like in a different area and then make an inquiry about the cost of a watertaxi from there to the airport. You could discover the price for your whole party is not too high, considering the advantage of a hotel pickup. The watertaxi service hasn't a website (I checked the link from the airport site and it takes you to a different site) but the airport page has a telephone number and I guess your hotel can give you an approximate figure. Bye Paolo Trieste, Italy