Subject: paris questions
dear ziners,

i am presently in tel aviv, and on my way home i have a 15 day stopover in england. originally i was supposed to take my mother on a driving tour, but due to a rapidly advancing cataract i can't see well enough to drive, so my mother is going home early, and i will have 15 days to travel on my own (yeah!). after reading recent posts on the zine, i am thinking of going to paris for at least 10 days, and possibly for the whole 2 weeks, as i haven't been there for at least 20 years, and there are lots of things i haven't seen or done.

i have a bunch of questions which i hope can be answered by the paris experts on the zine. first, since my flight from tel aviv lands at lhr, i was thinking of flying to paris on bmi, which has a reasonable one way fare, and then taking a train back to central london. when i searched both the sncf and britrail sites, i could only find the eurostar, which is way too expensive one way. can you still take "normal" trains and the ferry on this route, and if so, where can i find this info? also, i intend to get the 7 day transportation pass. does it start on monday? do you need a photocard, as you do in london, and if so, what size photo do i need, how much will it cost to have one taken there, and is it easy to find a photographer or machine? finally, (for now,) i need advice re accommodation. in case you haven't guessed, this will be a strictly budget trip. i am hoping to pay less than $50 a night, and need at least a private wc and sink. (i don't mind going down the hall for a shower.) i have found a few studio apts that are less than this, but so far no hotels, although i am confused by some of the plumbing terms in french! the apts i found look ok in the pictures on the web, but i am hoping someone here can give me a personal recommendation for either a hotel or apartment.

tia for all the help i am sure i will get, deborah comay pittsburgh and tel aviv