Subject: Re: The Tragedy in Torres del Paine
Hi to Debby and all others,

As I wrote to Susie in my personal letter, thanks to a rain of today the park will be open since tomorrow. The problem is what park will we able to see?! Destroyed and dead? Tomorrow I go to a short bus excursion and then on opportunity will report how does it look.

The only important thing that I have to say is that the agency of Comapa was very! fair and helpful - they refunded expenses on all cancelled excursions. I beleive that other agencies were good as well, but anyway, I really recommend Comapa as far as it is the biggest one with nice and polite services. Also, if pay them - pay in Us dollars - they have very good exchange rate - the best in the city (566 pesos today).

Sincerely, Alex Elbert from Puerto Natales