Subject: paris questions
Hi, Debbie... for starters, the Carte Orange -- the weekly pass -- does start on Monday, and yes, you do need a photo. My husband and I used an extra passport photo, and it worked just great. We had them taken at Walgreens, as I had read that the machines in Paris are often broken, so better come with a photo in hand. If you arrive on a Saturday or Sunday, you can purchase a Mobilis pass for those two days, which works just like the Carte Orange, except that it's a daily pass, and you do not need a photo for that pass. I really don't know of any hotels that are in your price range, but you may be able to find one on the following website:

Not sure about the trains, but have you checked out the flights on Easy Jet? They have very reasonable prices, from London to Paris. The good thing about Easy Jet is that they do fly into CDG:

Best regards, Sandy in Illinois