Subject: Re: Port Calls Info Needed
Hi Helen and Ziners:

I think that cruising with teens is a wonderful holiday. Have a great time.

Regarding your question concerning what to do in Cozumel, my kids just came back from a Western Caribbean cruise. Having been there many times over the years with us, they planned on just walking around a bit and then getting back on the ship. Since they realized that that would be a waste of a port, they asked one of the staff on the ship for a suggestion. He suggested renting a jeep, driving around the periphery of the island, and stopping at points that interest them. They took his suggestion and had the best time they've ever had in Cozumel. It was wonderful and we can hardly wait to do that next time we're in Cozumel. Although initially they were concerned about getting lost, they found that there is only one road around the island therefore getting lost was a non-issue.

In Grand Cayman, we've done the following over the years with our kids (when they were teens): 1)Tour of the Island including the village of "Hell" and the turtle farm (good tour) 2)Snorkelling a reef and a wreck (great tour) 3) swimming with Sting Rays at Sting Ray city (really memorable if you've never done it). There's lots to do at this port but often there are many ships in the harbour at the same time making it very, very, busy. If you want to do any of these excursions, I would book ahead to avoid disappointment due to the numbers of ships there.

In Jamaica, be careful. Although we never personally experienced crime there, it does happen often e.g. pick pocketing. Dunes River Falls is a wonderful excursion. Our kids still talk about it.

On which ship will you be going? Is this the kids' first cruise? Have a wonderful time.

All the best, Minna (Toronto)