Subject: Re: Ireland Tips - Thank you and miscellany
Ziners, Thanks, as always, for all of the suggestions. Air Canada had a seat sale so air is booked for Ireland via London, where we will stay for three nights. Still scousing out a place to stay in Bloomsbury. The Irish itinerary is planned, taking into account all of the ideas Ziners provided.

I have another question. We probably won't make it to Waterford, so do Ziners have suggestions about where to buy the crystal in other places in the Republic? I'm assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that it will be more expensive in Northern Ireland.

On another note, in my research for this trip, I've come across two literary travel books that may be of interest to Ziners. "Lierary Landscapes" edited by L.N. Franco is a selection of essays on walking tours of Great Britain and Ireland about writers from the areas (Wordswoth, the Brontes, Hardy, Joyce, Yeats and others) and "Our Sisters' London - Feminist Walking Tours" by K. Sturtevant. Both cover areas of the respective countries' districts or city areas where famous people lived and worked. They're like personalized walking tours. Lucy, Toronto