Subject: Re: Prague and Budapest

I was in Prague this past September and enjoyed it immensely.

For hotel, I recommend Boscolo's Carlos IV. It was a sensational hotel.

For sites, a good place to start is the castle. You could spend a full day there. Take the tram to it and then walk back to the main part of town from there. A walk across the St. Charles bridge is enchanting, especially at sunset. Also a short river cruise is very can take one from many places along the bridge. The synagogue and jewish cemetary is a "must-see". The main square has many cafe's, benches and things of interest.

The best purchase is garnets especially the antique ones. There are many, many antique shops in Prague.

I also had a great thai massage in Prague, which cost about $20. for an hour. I saw a few thai massage places there.

I don't recall the names of the restaurants I ate in. If I come across them, I'll let you know.

I hired a guide for one of my days there. She was wonderful and reasonably priced. If you'd like her email, then email me and I'll give it to you.

Candice NYC