Subject: Re: Prague and Budapest

We (wife, adult daughter, and self) were in both cities in 2001 and had a wonderful time. The people in Prague seemed to be happier than those in Budapest so I would rate our experiences in Prague a bit higher.

We stayed at the hotel Kinsky Gardens in Prague, which was lovely but not inexpensive. Prague hotels are on the expensive side although dining at that time was extremely cheap. We had wonderful dinners at the Rotisserie (not far from the Charles Bridge) and the Boheme (near Wenceslas Square). We also took a boat tour to hear a blues band that was fun even though the food was, understandably, below that of the restaurants we ate it. We adored the Charles Bridge-- there was some enjoyable jazz (I am a jazz buff so my standards are high in that area). Beer is of course magnificent.

In Budapest, I am not sure of the hotel we stayed in--I think it was called the D'Arte, and it was rather inexpensive and enjoyable though not as nice as the Kinsky Garden. We had magnificent dinners at the Karpathia, which I gather is rather famous, and the Club Verne.

In both cities, the synagogue tours were extremely moving and highly recommended. Were it not for our even deepr love of Italy, we would put returning to both cities in the highest priority.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas