Subject: Tipping in the UK
Hello Ziners,

I'm afraid I'm raising that old gem of a question about tipping again. Coming from a largely non-tipping country, we find it hard to sometimes get it right. As a result, we overtip the wrong people and are a bit mean when we should be more generous with others. (I think the whole process scares us a bit).

My specific question is about tipping in B&Bs in the UK and Republic of Ireland. I've read postings in the archive about tipping in general, but B&Bs don't seem to have been discussed. Do you tip for exceptional service in a B&B? What actually constitutes exceptional service? Our only experience to date with B&Bs was in France, where the hosts were generous to a fault, friendly, inviting and left us with the most positive impression imaginable. We carried small gifts from Oz with us, but this time it won't be as easy to carry gifts, due to the number we'll be staying in over a 7-week period.

Any comments or suggestions warmly received thanks.

Cheers, Sally (from Sydney)