Subject: Re: Electrical Converter for Italy
Hello Chuang family, My experience tells me that the electrical outlet for the UK is unlike those for Italy, and perhaps the Continent generally. Some years ago, I bought a converter kit that includes outlets for the world. It includes a large converter plug and four smaller ones. I have rarely used the large plug. It also comes with a handy illustratiion inside the carrier box that shows which plugs work in which parts of the world so I only take the ones that I need rather than carrying the whole package.

I have used it in the UK, continental Europe and Asia, packing only the pieces we need. It hasn't failed us yet with a hairdryer and a laptop. We've also used it to recharge our digital camera. It cost under $20 CA and I bought it in the luggage department of a local department store rather than a travel store. Radio Shack is probably as good a place as any if you shop there. Lucy, Toronto