Subject: Re: LAX Layover
Hi Barbara,

I recently had a ten-hour layover at LAX, and through this wonderful group learned that the Radisson Hotel at LAX has a Relaxation Center where you can get massages, manicures, pedicures etc. I called the hotel (310)670-9000 and got appointments for manicure/pedicure. The free hotel shuttle will pick you up and take you back to the airport (it runs every 15 mins). There is a lovely hotel lobby where you can get a drink while waiting for your nails to dry, and incidentally there is a fabulous jeweller just off the lobby (Marquise Jewelery) -- he landed up custom making me some earrings I had been looking for, and mailed them to me on my return from the trip.

All in all this was a *most* pleasant experience, and a great start to a long journey!!

Sharon Tennessee