Subject: Re: Chankanaab Park Cozumel Mexico
Hi Helen,

We arranged with the cab driver to pick us up at a certain time, but if I recall there were lots of cabs that you could get just outside the entrance of the park. On the way there we split the cost of the cab with another couple ( I don't remember how much it was) but on the way back we didn't spot them so we went back on our own. I would just pay for one way, and if the cab driver doesn't show up within 10 minutes of the prearranged time, then you won't feel obliged to wait around or that you've been ripped off.

We went on another cruise this Feb. to the Eastern Caribbean and the cab driver in St. Thomas turned out to be a gem. He gave us a complete tour of the island, including an on going commentary of the history and politics of the isalnd, took us to a quiet beach where we could snorkel and then returned to pick us up at a pre arranged time. We hadn't quite finished our lunch when he returned, so he waited for us for more than 20 minutes. He refused our offer to buy him a drink. We paid him at the very end of our trip and gave him a well deserved generous tip.

Have a great time. Etta Toronto