Subject: Re: The best travel guidebooks

I always try to complement the information of guide books like Lonely Planet, Frommers, Fodor's, etc. with local guide books, i.e. for Italy, Gambero Rosso; for Brazil, Guia Cuatro Rodas; for Spain Guia Compsa or for Buenos Aires, Los recomendados. Although these books cover specific areas like restaurants and hotels, I feel that this way I am not limited to the selection of the writer of the "big "guide books. Sometimes a writer selects a restaurant that becomes for that mere fact a must for tourists. Soon the place becomes very touristic, more expensive, while quality goes down because tourists will keep on going no matter what. An example in Buenos Aires, is Cabaņa Las Lilas. There are dozens of places with better meat, much better service, more authentic and less expensive but simply because it is listed in guide books many persons feel it is a must. It is not a place where locals go a lot.

Graziella, in Montevideo