Subject: Help with Trenitalia refund
Hello Ziners in Italy:

We had to cancel our trip to Italy last week due to a recent illness. I had flu like symptoms and my daughter was still congested and the doctor recommended we not travel. I know, very sad, but we hope to come to Italy very soon.

We have been contacting Trenitalia by email rimborsi@ (close space) for refunds on our train tickets for several destinations and have had no response.

Their website stated that to obtain a refund one must call, but we had trouble getting through - we are getting a busy signal.

Anyone had experience with this that could lend a hand? Should I just keep trying the phone number, or is there an alternate way to contact them?

Are there any other suggestions on how to go about getting refunds for the tickets? If anyone in Italy has a different/direct phone number, name of employee to speak to and/or a direct email address to an employee to speed up this process, this will be very helpful for us.

Thanks, Chuang family Houston