Subject: Litchfield Beach SC
Hello Ziners,

I recall that we have Ziners living in South Carolina, and hope there are others who may have travelled to the Litchfield Beach area (south of Myrtle Beach SC).

We're looking at a few days there enroute to Hilton Head in April, and are interested in the Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort. There are two types of oceanfront accommodations listed, with quite a $ difference. From reading another forum (blush) there is a possibility that one section is in need of renovations, and some customers had been misled by the front desk at the time of booking.

I'm hoping that someone in SC has been to the resort or seen this facility and can perhaps give us some firsthand pertinent details.

As an aside -- this will be our first trip for almost a year as hubs has endured some significant health problems and onerous treatments. I just wanted all Ziners to know how much I enjoyed reading of others' travels over the past months -- this forum has been a delightful escape from reality some days -- thanks for the therapy!!

Anne Hopefully, on the road south again from c-c-cold Burlington ON