Subject: Re: Spain
Ursula, Though you write that you were in Spain many years ago, you don't mention if you were in Madrid or what interests you, so I'll offer some tried-and-true things to do when in, and around, Madrid. In my opinion, these are all worth repeat visits.

If you are interested in art, a visit (or many) to the Prado is a must.

If you have an interest in Spanish history, a visit to El Escorial would be a good day out of Madrid. It's about 60 kilometres outside of the city.

Toledo, which is about 70 kilometres from the city, is a World Heritage site and another must-see.

I recall that it is wise to take advantage of the siesta because Madrid is a late night city with evening dining starting after 10:00 p.m.

Last year there were a number of posts on The Zine about the bullfight. You may want to check out the archives. Lucy, Toronto