Subject: Despite meticulous planning...
Hi Ziners,

Weeks in advance of our February 1st departure, we mailed cuticle nippers and scissors to our first destination, Villa Luppis northeast of Venice. We even packed a self-addressed envelope for mailing these items home at the end of our trip.

On check-in, we were handed a transparent Canada Post bag on which the following message was printed in English and French:

We apologize

Dear Customer,

The enclosed item of mail was either received in this condition or damaged during its processing. We sincerely regret this unfortunate incident and any inconvenience caused.

We are always concerned when mail entrusted to our care is damaged, and we have made considerable improvements to reduce such incidents in our operations.

Please be assured that we are continuing to make every effort to improve our service.

Warning: Please keep this bag away from young children.

Our mailing envelope had been ripped apart and all that remained was the cardboard and tape that had held the implements. So much for our perfect planning! :-(

It's very frustrating when despite your best efforts, things don't work out as you expect (transportation strikes come to mind).

Please share your frustrating travel experiences with us. You know, misery loves company!

Cheers! Linda