Subject: Re: need help from New Yorkers and GTG?
Hi Marta,

It has been a long time since I visited NYC (1998) so I'm not sure what may have changed but I have very fond memories that I could share:

We did have pre-dinner drinks in the Rainbow Room. I can't remember if we made a booking that day when we went by to find out opening times, but we had lugged one fine outfit apiece for such an occasion! We were in NYC in the first week of September if I recall correctly, and my sister almost hyperventilated when the rather unfriendly waiter showed us to our table - we had a PERFECT view of the Empire State Building out the window, and it was lit in red white and blue. The menu was frighteningly expensive for us with the exchange rate at the time and being 20-something-year- old Aussies, so we had a cheese platter and drinks.

We went to see "Rent" one night and so beforehand had a quick sushi meal, but afterwards took as long as we wanted to enjoy some amazing New York baked cheese cake and a cup of tea / coffee in the revolving Marriott restaurant.

Another evening we did the Circle Line evening cruise starting at dusk. It was amazing to see the NYC skyline lit up at night, and the entertaining captain commentating with interesting bits of information.

The skyline witnessed from the back of the ferry as you head over to the Statue of Liberty was also wonderful.

Last but not least, we did go up the Empire Statue Building at night, but in my memories, any of the other views and experiences surpassed the Empire State one for some reason or other... :) Megan Brisbane, Australia