Subject: Re: need help from New Yorkers and GTG?
Hi Marta,

The Rainbow Room is once again open to the public. What you want is the Rainbow Grill go to and you will find all the information there. Last time I went to the Marriott in the late evening they had a cover charge, two drinks would have cost about $50. We were lucky, the waiter was in too much of a hurry, when I asked about the different kinds of Scotch they had. He said he would be back and didn't return for over 30 minutes by that time we had seen the best view and left. He was also very rude.

Another bar with a gorgeous view of Central Park and part of Manhattan is at the Mandarin in the new Time Warner complex at Columbus Circle. The hotel is on the north side either 59th or 60th Street. You can walk right in and take the elevator up to the bar see if you like the view, if not leave. Whatever you do, just enjoy New York it is a wonderful city.

Fanny in NYC