Subject: Re: Travel bankruptcies
Hi Ziners,

If your jurisdiction has some form of compensation fund (like TICO) then you're in luck. Many folks (in light of the JetsGo fiasco) are all the more wary to book travel on their own via the web, because in such situations you're much less likely to have someone there to pick up t he pieces and get your holiday package rebooked (like a good travel agent would).

But all is not lost....having purchased via the web, the commonest currency is the credit card. Many (if not all) credit card issuers will reimburse customers their $$, because they did not get the goods/service that they purchased. In many cases, such reimbursement is much more expeditious than through travel industry compensation funds like TICO. Case in point...folks who just lost thier March break holidays, will get their money back from VISA probably on their next or subsequent statement (2-3 months max). Folks who applied to TICO for reimbursment for lost travel when Canada 3000 airlines went belly up in 2001 are just starting to get thier money now...4 years later!

John Wiernikowski Hamilton, ON CANADA