Subject: Re: Too much planning?

We usally plan the begining and the end of outr trips. We leave the middle open to any and all ideas. This has lead us to some great vacations. Like getting "stuck" due to weather (winds) on Sifnos in the Greek islands for 4 or 5 days going to the beach and eating fresh seafood and cold beer or exploring the old Kastro which had ancient Greek ruins everywhere. Our nights spent in the Taverna's eating , singing, dancing until the wee hours of the morning. We stayed in a little studio apt overlooking the sea at one of the restaurants owners homes atop the island. This was when Greece was cheap and we paid around $30 US for the room and less for our meals. I have never been more relaxed in my life!

Or last year when we landed in the Abruzzo mountain town of Scano where we whiled away the days at a hotel on a turquoise lake and wandered through the 300 plus year old town finding some pretty friendly folks and great food. It was Confirmation day ( a catholic celebration) for the local kids so the entire town of 1,000 or so where crammed in the main square by the church and all the bars and restaurants had parties afterwards. You wont find stuff like this in guide books. We find this is the best way to travel . You get to see the well known as well as discover the unknown. Same for this year in Spain. We have 5 nights in BCN then its off to spend 10 days ( unplanned) getting to Santiago where we will spend our last 3 nights.

Happy Trails, David USA