Subject: Re: Spare Bag
Hello fellow Ziners:

I purchased a different small, very lightweight fold-up Rick Steves item called a "Pocket Pack" for $10. See it at:

It compresses into a bag a little longer than a credit card at 4" x 2". You slip it onto a belt or clip it onto anything. The opens to a handy 14" x 11" x 2" (490 cubic inches) light-duty bag with two (unpadded) adjustable shoulder straps and a zipper.

It may not be the perfect solution (what is?) but if you don't want to lug a tote bag, which I don't, since I do a lot of photography, this seems like a nice alternative. I haven't used it a lot, but when I did, it worked for medium weight items. The straps, of course are not cushioned like a normal back pack, but there are snap-on items available to solve that problem. The pads are wonderful for luggage handles and plastic shopping bags as well.

Peace, Steve in sunny Chicago