Subject: Re: BCN airport Aerobus?
Dear David,

Michael has provided you with a good link regarding the transport to and from Barcelona airport. I have used the train, the bus and taxis without any problem. I usually get the taxi if I am arriving late at night. It is not extremely expensive, and I prefer to be dropped at the entrance of the hotel (although your apartment is extremely well located ... it looks lovely). If I were you, arriving at 22:00 at night, I would get a taxi :)

I see you mentioned finishing your trip in Santiago. Where are you planning to stay there? So many small hotels have been born during the last years that it is really tempting.

BTW, the website mentioned by Michael is wrong regarding the transport in Barajas airport, in Madrid. The metro goes until Nuevos Ministerios, in the financial centre of Madrid, and there have been changes regarding the airport bus. IŽll find the proper info and I will post it here later on.

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao, Madrid - Spain