Subject: Re: Road Trip to Yukon!

You have quite an adventure planned. First, I'd recommend visiting a CAA office to get maps and advice as well as a CAA membership just in case you need their services on the road. It's a good investment.

The drive from Barrie to Winnipeg will be spectacular through the Canadian Shield. The TransCanada Yellowhead (Highway 16 out of Winnipeg) passes through the major towns and cities of the Prairies, Alberta and B.C. ending in Prince Rupert.

We found the drive around the northern shore of Lake Superior to be beautiful. Thunder Bay has Fort William, which was the inland headquarters of the North West Company and the world's largest fur trading post built in 1803. It's well worth a stop for a few hours.

The distance from Edmonton to Whitehorse is 2010 kilometres and estimated driving time is 22-24 hours. It's recommended that you take 2-3 days to do this section. Here's the site where I found some information that may be useful to you.

Finally, I'd recommend that you contact the provincial tourist boards for each of the provinces that you pass through. They will have plenty of free information for you.

Looking forward to your road trip report.

Lucy, Toronto