Subject: Re: Spain Trip
Thank you Cova,

I was hoping for some first hand advice. Michael thank you for the link as well.

We have chosen to take the train to P.D. Catalunya and hail a cab there for the 5 or 6 blocks to the flat.We are great walkers but not looking to be too adventurous our first night after all that travelling.

We plan to stroll over to the Born for some food upon our arrival and start our week long "life" in BCN. One of the great beauties of Spain is jet lag is not an issue because things are going on all night and day. Where else can you go out for dinner at 10 pm and be early? I have a list of many excellent restaurants we plan to visit.

We will not be going to San Sebastian this time sadly to say. However we will be going to Ezcaray to spend some time in the "lowlands" after the Pyrenees and before the Picos de Europa In regards to Santiago we are at the hotel

We plan to take day trips from there to southwestern Galicia as we will be arriving Santiago from the northern coast . We plan to meander through the Asturian and Cantabrian mountains and coastal towns for a few days if you have any suggestions for small rural towns we should not miss please share them.

We probably will avoid Gijon other than to visit the little fishing village there. The name escapes me at the moment. We plan a few days in the Picos de Europa. We hope to return to Cain and Sotres and hope the weather will allow for some hiking in late April /early May.

We usually stay a day in Posada de Valdeon and take a day trip to Cain. Wouldn't dream of not going to Sotres to buy the best Cabrales on the planet and breath in that pure clean air. I can almost smell the cheese now. We usually buy 2 or 3 whole cheeses from different cheesemakers selling out of their homes. Seal them up and bring them home. They get better and better over time.

I will bring big pieces to parties instead of wine sometimes. People are always amazed by the taste of "Spanish Blue Cheese" as they call it here. Now if only the USDA would allow me to bring back some Iberico Grand riserva I would be in heaven. However the US Govt. wants to "protect" me from the dangers of ham from Spain. Toxic wastes from power plants are ok though. I digress.

Getting Excited, David USA