Subject: Re: Too much Planning??
Don't think that you can plan too much! When planning a trip, I always look at all aspects of it......transportation, accomodations, etc.

After gathering all the information comes the 'whittling down' period when you eliminate those items that 'don't fit' a relaxed timetable.

I never 'skimp' on my transportation as I find that it pays to travel in comfort with an established carrier.

Accomodations, on the other hand, needn't be in a 4 star hotel.A B & B will suffice and allow us extra cash for the 'must see' things.

When we travelled to Europe in 1992, I started my planning 12 months earlier, hoping to get things 'just right'. For the most part we succeeded with only one minor problem, discovered when we received our credit card bill upon our return.

We had prepaid our Hotel in Brussels and were charged twice for it. We had eaten supper in the hotel restaurant using our credit card and they had used the imprint to double charge for the accomodations.

My solution.....never use your credit card in a hotel which has been prepaid. Use cash or eat and shop elsewhere.

Peter, Montreal