Subject: Re: Spanish trip
Cova , Echaurran is our destination, we have res for one night and dinner res. We were in Ezcaray before and bought great colorful woolen blankets there and loved the town. We swore we would go back. We had some drinks and tapas in the square and noticed the Hotel Echaurran so we grabbed a card for future ref.. Since we were there (2000) the son has opened a fantastic restaurant, El Portal, which was recently awarded a single Michellin star. No easy task! Especially in Spain where there is believed to be a limit on the amount of stars they are willing to issue. Many believe there are more than a few deserving places that go unawarded. Thats another story. I will research your advice and mark the map . Thank you so much. Regards, David (who prefers his cheese rustic and his wine refined)