Subject: Puerto Rico for 11 days
G'day Ziners,

We are going to spend 11 days in Puerto Rico next July. Knowing this to be the best travel knowledge group on the entire Internet, we are reaching out for suggestions of all types.

Last year we traveled to Ecuador and Panama. We were very pleased with how reasonable our stays were in those countries. Looking at some of the websites we have researched, we don't see the same cheap prices for rooms or car rental in PR. Are we looking in the wrong places?

Realizing Puerto Rico is a relatively small island, should we just stay in San Juan (Intl. Airport) and just drive to the rest of the island during the day? Or should we move for a few nights to each of the cardinal points of the compass on the island?

Does anyone own a vacation condo, and if so, where would you suggest we look, in case we like Puerto Rico. Thank you in advance.

Best traveling wishes, Marghe and Marty in Coral Cove, Australia.