Subject: Re: England and Wales
Hello Gary and Janet,

Thank you both for your posts. Gary, I have looked into Zoom and they look appealing because we could fly into Cardiff and out of Manchester and the price is good. In light of the recent Jetsgo affair I am a little nervous about booking Zoom but one must live dangerously sometimes.

Janet, we are planning to go to the south of Wales because John has an email buddy there who we want to visit. Would Manchester still be a good base? How much distance and time are we talking to drive from Manchester to the Llanelli region?

Any suggestions on things that are a must-see in Yorkshire would be appreciated. We are "Heartbeat" fans so we definitely want to see the area where it is filmed. We also are hikers and would be interested in doing some hiking while we are there. We prefer to stay in b&b's and are budget travellers.

Thanks, Pauline