Subject: Re: Learning the lingo?
Hi Francis and Ziners,

I find that English works in most places, but was warned that in Italy it wouldn't so I took a 6-month internet course. It was great. I think that it was harder for the Italians to understand my accent in Italian than it would have been if I had spoken English :D

Also had a great experience on the Venice -> Rome train when I spent 6 hours trying to speak Italian with my 5 tain car mates. Now that was hysterical !

Now that I am off to Japan for a couple of weeks next month, I am also taking some basic Japanese. Just 10 lessons at Berlitz for the most commonly used tourist phrases, but enjoying it immensely.

I do think it helps to know at least the basic politenesses (is that a word?) in the language of the host country. Did that for Turkey for instance - and also to ask where the 'convenience'is :~0

I am a budget traveller and generally use eateries that the local working people would use. Basic language of the host country becomes important in that case too.

Have fun! Debbbie - Israel