Subject: Re: Portugal

>My questions are: do we need to reserve
>accommodation ahead or can we find rooms once >there?

If you can book ahead, great. But you can find rooms everywhere. In Nazare, for example, almost every house has a "Room for rent" sign. My sugestion is that you look for privates room's whenever you can. They are usually cheap, confortable enough and very clean. No fancy stuff.

>Has anyone stayed in a pensao or residencial in
>the city centres of Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon or Evora
>that they could recommend?


In porto, I recomend the Ibis Hotel. Inexpensive, comfortable and very clean.

Info on Porto:

This last link is in Portuguese. Just click on the links on page to see the monuments that are a must-see in Porto.

In Porto, you must eat "Francesinhas" or "Tripas". Otherwise, it will be like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.


In coimbra, if you want luxury and being pampered, I sugest "Quinta das Lágrimas". It even has a 2 Michelin stars restaurant.

Check some more accomodations in here:

Info on Coimbra:


Don and Linda enjoyed Hotel Britania when they were in Lisbon:

The Pestana Palace Hotel is also a very good one:

I met some Ziners last year who stayed at Hotel Veneza:

More on hotels in Lisbon:

Info on Lisbon:


Well, Evora is my home away from home. I just love the place.

At Evora, places to stay at include Pousada Dom João IV, Pousada Rainha Santa Isabel and Hotel da Cartuxa ( Check it out here:

More acommodation in Evora (Cheap one):

Info on Evora:

Evora is the place to have a very good meal. "Migas de espargos", "Pezinhos de Porco", "Açorda Alenteja", "Sopa de cação", "Sopa de Baldroegas", "Cozido de Grão", "Encharcada", are some local delicacies. I won't tell you what they are, just you ask for it and enjoy. ;-)

Some good restaurantes include "Cozinha de Santo Humberto", "O Fialho", very good, but quite expensive, "O Grémio", "O Moinho", went there last month, one of the best.

The best was "Cozinha da Dona Joana", the owner was a motorcyclist, just like me and my friends from Évora, so we were treated like royalty. :-) But it has new owners and it is not the same. :-(

Something that we would always eat was "Queijo assado", a small hard cheese topped with coriander and heated in a wood oven until it melts. You then spread it in home made bread. With a good bottle of red wine on the side, obviously. ;-)

And now, if you will excuse, I think I'm goig to grab a bite.

Bye, Rui from Lisbon