Subject: Re: Info on Spain
Dear Ziners, and especially Covadonga,

My husband and I are flying into Santiago de Compostela on the night of 18th May, from the Galapagos. We'll have quite a bit of baggage, as we'll probably have wetsuits, flippers etc. We want to spend one night in Santiago, offload our excess baggage, then get a bus ( or whatever), probably to O'Cebreiro, to meet up with friends who have been doing the Pilgrimage for five weeks. We'll then do the last week with them. We'll arrive back in Santiago on the 25th May, spend two nights there, then the four of us will make our way to Bilbao. The two of us will then fly from Bilbao to Madrid on the 30th May, then fly Madrid/Moscow on the 1st June.

The questions I have are - 1. does anyone know where we can leave our luggage in Santiago, and also where can we get information about sending our snorkelling gear back to Australia (we'll be travelling for another two months, including the Silk Road, so definitely won't need this gear). What would the costs be? 2. where can we find information on buses to O'Cebreiro? 3. any information on places to see between Santiago and Bilbao would be most welcome.

We'd also be interested in a get-together in Madrid on the 30th or 31st May. Hopefully someone will know the answer to some of these questions.

Dianne in Sydney