Subject: Re: London accommodations, etc
Gail Jorgensen,

As you're not after restaurants, can I offer you an historic London Pub?

The pub was rebuilt in 1667 after the Great Fire of 1666. Some parts of the building still date from that time. Most of the interior of small rooms with fireplaces, tables and benches, however, dates from the 18th Century. Diarist Samuel Pepys drank here in the 17 century. Dr Samuel Johnson association, however, would propel the pub to "The Pub of Choice" for 19th century Literary Gliterratti such as Mark Twain and Charles Dickins.

IMO, this pub does the best Steak and Kidney Pie in London.

It's name? Why! It's Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, of course!

OK, that was a slightly artsy answer but the pub is definitely worth going to if you want a "London Experience" as this is a tremendously charecterful pub, as I'm sure our other visitors to London here will tell you.

Address is 145 Fleet Street. The website is at

Unfortunately I can't help you with accommodation, as I haven't stayed in a London hotel for some time!

Mark Sukhija, in Zuerich