Subject: Re: London Must See Sites

Happy Birthday! A trip to London is a great way to celebrate.

You said that you are only going to be in London from early Friday evening until mid-day Monday. Thus, it will be very important for you to do everything possible to mitigate the effects of jet lag. Otherwise, you could be exhausted the entire time you are in London.

Based on my own experience travelling nonstop from the US West Coast to London, the best thing to do on Friday when you arrive is stay outside exposed to sunlight as long as possible. So I would recommend Friday after you find your hotel and leave your luggage that you walk around exploring London. Perhaps you can start at Westminster near Parliament and Big Ben. You can stroll along the Embankment to the Inns of Court then up to Fleet Street and down to St. Pauls Cathedral. Then you can eat dinner and go to bed at a normal time. You should awake refreshed and ready to see one of the world's great cities.

There is much more to see than you could possibly cover in two days, but the Tower of London and the British Museum would be at the top of my list. London Walks (mentioned in another note) are also a terrific way to see parts of the city that you would not see otherwise. I spent many delightful afternoons in the parks (Hyde Park, Regents Park, Hampstead Heath, Greenwich Park). Observing Londoners in the parks on a nice spring Sunday afternoon is about as good as London gets. Or take a boat up the Thames from Westminster to Greenwich. You will see the London sites from a different perspective. A BBC commentator says that Greenwich is the best place to experience London on a Sunday -

Have a great trip!

Cheers, Mark in Los Angeles