Subject: Re: Internet Access on Ships
Hi Lucy and fellow Ziners,

Talk about expensive internet on ships: I just disembarked from a 7 night Celebrity cruise where the going rate was 75 cents a minute!!! You couldn't even compose offline since you had to log on to your room's account before you could do anything. They didn't even have a reasonable flat rate for one or two hours of use ie it was something like $60 for 90 minutes. Needless to say, we looked for internet cafes while ashore. In Cozumel, the cafe at the dock had a rate of $2 for 30 minutes!!!

When we were on Disney Cruiseline in March 2004, they had a flat rate available at approx. $39 for unlimited access for the four days/3nights we were aboard. We signed up for that and didn't feel as ripped off as on Celebrity.

Helen Ottawa, Canada