Subject: Re: London Pub
Hello Ziners,

I just have to chime in about Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese!. It is one of the few places I remember from my one and only trip to London close to 44 years ago. I don't remember why our smallish tour group of 13 people ended up eating there, but since I was an English teacher I was much impressed by the literary lights who had hung out there.

I am finally returning to London starting on April 25 for 10 days, and off and on have thought of going there. The recent post has convinced me it is a good idea to find it again, and I have bookmarked the website for more exploration.

I am excited to finally return to London after so many years of, and a continuing devotion to, Italy, which I fell in love with on that same long ago trip.

I hope to report on my visit and meal at Ye Olde Chesire Cheese when I return from London and Paris in May.

Sincerely, Joan in Illinois