Subject: Introduction and Europe trip inquiry
Hello Ziners,

I would like to offer a bit more of an introduction and begin what I'm sure will be a long series of queries.

I am originally from Kentucky, but my husband and I have been living in North Carolina for 3 years working on graduate degrees. His in Education, my first in English literature and now in Library and Information Science. We really enjoy travelling in our temporary home state, whether to the beach or the mountains.

My first trip to Europe was 10 years ago, on a bus tour with my parents. It was one of those "it must be Tuesday trips," but I was hooked in spite of the poor quality. I studied in England in 1999, and most recently took a father/daughter trip with my Dad through Germany & Austria and to Prague.

This summer my husband will make his first trip to the Continent with my parents and me. I want it to be great so he'll want to keep returning! Since he's never been, we are doing somewhat "fast" travel to hit several high spots (many of which I've never seen either). We will be travelling by train for several weeks starting mid-June, and this is our itinerary:

Provence (staying in Arles) Cinque Terre Rome Siena/Florence Budapest Krakow Prague Amsterdam Paris

Our route, major sights, and some overnight stays (including some trains!) are already planned. So, what I really want from you experienced travellers is recommendations for great, non-touristy, fairly inexpensive restaurants and some can't miss, out of the way spots for quiet, local moments amidst our otherwise hectic travel. I will probably post separate pleas for each location. I am so glad to have found this great resource.

Thanks, Stephanie North Carolina