Subject: Welcome to New Members and France Question
Greetings Ziners,

I've been AWOL for a while and am catching up gradually. I am so pleased to see that we have so many new members recently, because I know how much they are going to benefit and enjoy being part of this group. My nephew joined last year because he and his wife were planning a trip to Italy, primarily Tuscany. They were here on the weekend, talking about their next trip to Tuscany (yes, SOON!) and how much the information they had gleaned from the Zine had shaped their first visit. The main places they stayed were Zine recommendations, and they loved them. The archives are incredible. The only problem is there is such a wealth of information you must be selective or have a lot of time to peruse and enjoy!

I have just made reservations for a trip to France next September, which was delayed a year when it didn't work out last Sept. If I am very diligent and really organize all the wonderful information I've collected on the Zine, it will be the trip of a lifetime. Since my traveling companion (who will also do the driving) has not been to Europe, it will all be new to her. Additionally, the onus of the planning is on me, so I'd better get with it.

We look forward to the contributions our new members will make from their own travel experiences. Any hints on special places to stay, eat, or just enjoy in France, that won't throw me into Euro shock will be greatly appreciated.

Enjoying the sunshine and 80 degree weather in Lakeway, TX,

Lou Matthews