Subject: Re: Transportation Westchester Airport to Manhattan
Ziners, Thanks to all for your help in working out transportation from Westchester Aiport to Manhattan. It's relatively simple.

FYI, the Beeline bus service is currently on strike so we did a taxi-train-taxi combination. Airport taxi to White Plains train station - $20 with an add-on of $3.00 for each extra passenger; train to Grand Central Station - about $8.00/person; taxi from Grand Central to the Washington Square area - about $8.00: a total of $47 which is about the same as a Newark-Manhattan cab and about $10 more than a La Guardia-Manhattan fare. The bonus is that the Westchester airport is small - fewer passengers means faster check-in and security checks. All in all the total land travel time balances out the hassle of a larger airport and there was no chance we'd get stuck in traffic.

BTW, because the buses are currently on strike, the White Plains taxi drivers are accepting as many as five people to a cab and adjusting the fares downward, so today's cab fare was $17.00.

Westchester airport is a delight - new and clean - with the restaurant/bar overlooking the runway area and an outdoor observation deck! We flew a 16-seater Air Canada aircraft, boarding and de-boarding were both fast, and our luggage was unloaded immediately.

What we thought would be a big headache turned out to a relaxing way to travel.

Lucy, Toronto