Subject: Re: Tuscan Hill Towns - San Gimignano zebra512000
Dear Les, I checked out the link sent by Linda:

Some good advice, but I have to quibble with the author's brush-off of San Gimignano. Yes, it's small, but we spent a few fascinating hours there. First we visited the Torture Museum -- one of the most interesting museums I've ever experienced. Some people wouldn't have the stomach for it, but the collection of torture devices they've amassed is truly amazing. Says a lot about man's inhumanity to man over the ages.

Next, we climbed to the top of the highest tower for a spectacular view of the town and surrounding hillside. When the huge bell began to toll, right beside us, it was very cool.

Also, they have two of the best gelato shops in the area! Have a great time in this beautiful part of the world.

Debbie in Boca Raton, Florida