Subject: Re: Cooking lessons on our travels
Hi Lucy,

We have been to cooking courses in Salzburg (Austria) at Click the link "Kochkurs"

Good knowledge of Austrian or German food terminology are helpful or necessary.

Cooking techniques are demonstrated, you just watch and take notes. The training includes a five course menu and beverages (champaign, wine, water, coffee) and a printout of all the recipes. Most of the things you learn can be easily repeated at home and you'll impress your friends.

The cooking course at the Pfefferschiff boosted my cooking motivation. So I restarted to cook after 17 years. It is really fun to prepare food which tastes great and is better than the food you buy in most of the restaurants.

The Fleischhaker couple (owner family) are really great people and offer the very best hospitality you have dreamed off. The Pfefferschiff restaurant has been recommended by Ziners several times in the past. The readers of the Austrian magazine "VIPGOURMETguide" voted for it as the best Austrian restaurant a few weeks ago.

BTW, we'll start our Italy travel in June with another cooking course at the end of May in the Pfefferschiff.

Kind Regards, Johannes Klein Haltern am See, Germany