Subject: Re: San Francisco mbasiszta
G'day Ziners,

Ah, "the City by the Bay". San Francisco is a very interesting and fun cosmopolitan city. Do not forget to take several rides (fun transportation) on the cable cars!

You will enjoy the myriad of ethnic cuisines that you can sample in this one city; the Wharf also has many fine Italian and Seafood restaurants.

Bart can get you to distant locations, but a bus pass is the way to see the city (instead of dark tunnels) and meet the people. San Francisco has a certain personality, as does New York, and its denizens reveal it in their conversations.

You can find cheaper hotels, but the other comments that rooms can be very costly is also correct.

The San Francisco International Airport was recently (and finally) finished. It is easy to get from your departure to rental cars or most hotels have shuttle pick ups. Also, there are independent shuttle vans that will take you and all your luggage to where you want to go for not a lot of money. Cabs are quite expensive.

Enjoy the City and say 'hello' for us.

Happy traveling to all, Marghe and Marty in Australia.