Subject: Re: Vespa rental in Italy?
Dear Jane,

Thought you might enjoy reading about our day on a Scooter on Elba Island in Italy last September. It was the highlight of our trip.

Straight from the journal:


Armed with ferry tickets, we stormed the shores of Elba. The conquering duo, in our schlumpy armour and carrying enough supplies to sustain a long campaign, planned our attack.

We chose as our assault vehicle a 125cc Honda Scooter with seating for two. The army had to be comfortable after all.

We were taught the following by the Colonel: - how to start and stop the scooter; - how to use the signal lights; - how to open and close the gas cap; - how to open and close the cargo compartment; - how to use the front & back brakes; - how to throttle;

All of which we promptly forgot.

After four successive remedial lessons, mostly to close the over stuffed cargo compartment, we were on our way to do battle.

Seated on our roaring war machine, we set off to engage the enemy. The Captain & Lieutenant, however, were of two separate minds. One leaned into the turn while the other sat bolt upright hanging on for dear life causing the war machine to engage civilians, their cars, their children, their pets and sometimes their gardens. It didn't even bother us that "little girl" armies kept passing us. Well, it didn't bother the lieutenant, anyhow, because she was too busy co-ordinating attack plans by yelling in the Captains helmet covered ear - SLOW DOWN - DAMMIT!!!!

But eventually we got it and soared as a unit to do serious battle with: - delicious fresh fish on a terrace at a delightful beach side restaurant; - sand & sea at a beautiful little beach; - breathtaking views of azure blue water, steep cliffs, flora & fauna that were exquisite;

We returned home proud that we had accomplished our mission - no casualties, no serious injuries and an experience to last a lifetime.

Napoleon & Josephine

Felice Toronto, Ontario