Subject: Re: Cooking lessons on our travels
Hello Ziners,

I recall very happily my 50th birthday present to myself--closer to 20 years ago than I like to admit. I spent about a week in Florence taking classes from Giuliani Bugialli, a great personality!

While expensive, the class to me was a wonderful experience, and I still pull out some of the recipes. We usually cooked in the morning and ate those huge lunches. We went on several field trips such as to the Central Market for a food trip and such as to San Minato and others for culture.

For, I believe, five evenings we ventured to restaurants chosen by Giuliani and ate menus he had devised with the chefs there--multi course meal. He gave us some lessons on Italian cheese, sausages, and wine. He is still teaching and I think still also offers classes in the United States, but working in his home teaching kitchen added to the experience. His website is

I don't think I have ever had such a fun birthday. Ciao a tutti, Joan in Illinois