Subject: Re: San Francisco
Hello Ziners:

Beware of some of the boutique hotels in San Francisco. While they are attractive and have interesting restaurants attached, they are still deep down, old hotels with thin walls. You can spend many restless nights hearing the cables of the cable cars humming loudly not to mention the usual big city noises.

Also some of these hotels are located too near for my taste to the Tenderloin district (the old red light area-now a skid row) and you might venture out at night in the wrong direction. You can look out the windows of your hotel and see some the most amazing outdoor ads. If you are attending an event at Moscone Center, you may have to walk through this area to your hotel.

Most of the big chain hotels are quiet, well located and have very good weekend rates. I often hear trade show attendees bragging about the great rate they got using some of the on line reservation services.

San Francisco is not unique with it's boutique hotels. They are always a gamble anywhere. I stayed in some in New York City that were equally disappointing. The term quaint is always a warning.

Peter in the Bay Area